Looser takes the tightest Titan Desert ever

The hardness of the sport is this. You can be the leader for 624 of the 626 kilometers of a race and lose everything in the last straight. But therein also lies its spectacularity. Konny Looser and Francisco Herrerotwo names that for five days had always been written in reverse order, entered together at kilometer 623 of the race with a difference of three seconds overall. It was there when the Swiss tried.

It was an arrival that he already knew from the edition of 2021 of the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco. He took a different detour hoping that Herrero would not follow his wheel. and see what could happen. “It was a 50-50”, explained Looser himself upon reaching the finish line. And sometimes the last bullet in the chamber is the good one.

Barely 15” were enough for the Tamayo Team runner to overcome who has worn the red jersey the entire race. Numbers 1 and 522, First and penultimate, they close a race that has been decided by the smallest margin in the entire history of the event: 12 seconds. The winner of the stage was Pablo Guerrero, Herrero’s partner, which achieved the fourth win in six stages for the riders of the Cannondale TB team.

Although the fight was less disputed in the women’s classification, Anna Ramírez signed a participation for history. With his absolute control of the race and superiority over her rivals, the KH7 runner she has become the first to achieve four overall for the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco.

Historic Ramirez

Ramírez has a tyrannical control of the test. He has won the four editions in which he has participated: 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022. In the case of this year, he has also done so with ease and intelligence in reading the test.

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The Catalan made a solo attack in the first stage that gave her enough margin to allow her to temporize and follow the wheels of her rivals to Maadid. Ramírez left nothing to chance. He controlled what was happening around him and left with three stage wins to his credit.

Little can be attributed to the second classified, Vera Looser, who tried every day, but could do little against a rider who is already the most successful in the history of the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco.

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