Looser surprises: he takes the stage without equipment or assistance

Today, on the Moutain Bike, Switzerland is one of the dominating powers due to its high number of riders in the positions of honor in Worlds, Olympic Games, Europeans, World Cups … and now its power also extends to the Titan Desert. Konny Looser, 32, prevailed in the first stage, one of the most demanding opening days that are remembered in the 16 years of testing. In total, they were 102 km with a cumulative difference in altitude of 1,956 meters and high temperatures. The natives of the area noted at the start that this is one of the best times to be in Morocco: in summer it is very hot and, since November, very cold. Looser managed the race to perfection, being in the leading group at all times and finishing at Boulmane Daes, in the same place where the start was.

At the camp, starting at 7:00 am local time (in Morocco it is one hour behind Spain), the runners looked cheerful and happy. 891 days had passed since the Titan Desert did not set foot on Moroccan soil! The start was all illusion … until barely exceeding one kilometer, Roberto Bou, one of the candidates for the final victory, fell to the ground and had to leave. A first study points to an elbow fracture. In the first third of the stage, a quintet formed by a Swiss and four Spaniards was formed: Looser, who took the jack to the water, Guerrero, Zubeldia, Muñoz and Zubero, who was the one who suffered the most in the hard ascents.

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At that time Betalú was very far away, winner of four editions (the last four in Morocco) and who aspired to be the most successful Titan ever, since so far he is tied with Roberto Heras with four wins. After 44 km, it was left for more than 15 minutes, with mechanical problems and bad feelings. “I have a fatal year of injuries and falls,” he highlighted at the finish line. He came in 19th, half an hour from the winner, and he was the main favorite before starting. Ramona Gabriel once again showed her hierarchy and prevailed in the female modality. In the final meters, Looser clearly surpassed Guerrero and Zubeldia, who aim to be, along with Muñoz and Zubero, the runners to follow.

As soon as he reached the finish line, an assistant from the Emilio Berdú team approached Looser to offer him mechanical assistance and massage, so the Swiss already has support. “The main thing is to wash it,” he said. He is the leader with one minute of advantage (plus the second he hit the finish line), since he passed the first in the Skoda Challenge, the special step of the day, and he won. And he warned: “I’m not good at sailing”, and it will be key in the second part of the race. This Tuesday, a new day for climbers from Boulmane Dades to AIt Yahya with 127 km and 2,626 meters of accumulated elevation gain. This does not stop.

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