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What are the reasons that batting averages have fallen in MLB? Why is it that now hitting 2 hits in 5 at-bats is a luxury, since the number of good players who are below that figure is tremendous, and many below .220. In recent times it was believed that the new defensive positions would affect everyone, the lefties because now they put 3 infielders on the right side, but they also do the same with the right ones: 3 on the left side.

That lessens the chance of ground balls slipping into the outfield. Another reason is the one strongly pointed out by our collaborator and great baseball fan Ricardo Gonzalvez García, who relates the fact to the growing fever of hitting from the bottom up (they call it a golf swing) looking for home runs.

Is this true or is it an appreciation to be taken into account? Here I leave the comment of my friend Ricardo, taken from our Facebook account:

“My humble opinion on low averages. Decades ago they taught hitters to hit line drives and not lift fly balls, today they teach hitters to lift the ball (which bounces higher than a golf ball) to get H4.

“H4s matter more than an average over .300, that’s why we see short wings hitting 400-foot clubs that neither Rico Carty nor George Bell hit so often. The speed of the new pitchers throwing over ninety miles influences, in addition to the rebound of the new ball and the cut walls, the increase in H4 and the decrease in averages.

“A pitcher like Tommy John who was given a lot of ground balls is not important today, those who strike out a lot are important, fewer contacts increased strikeouts and decreased averages, the new CYBERMETRY OR SABERMETRY. We can already see the Robocops of the Yankees giving sticks left and right. That’s what sells according to cybernetics.

Have you seen the Japanese Ohtani hit?, a swing totally for fly balls, that’s why his large number of strikeouts and if he hits, then for the street “

 MORE MONEY: With so many millions at the disposal of players, the tendency to “solve fast” is growing, and this is true for both Latinos and Americans. And if the industry provides those facilities, they throw their hands at it without giving it much thought.

THE HARRIERS: The assembly of the Eagles to elect a new president will be this Friday the 10th at noon. There is absolute peace and Mr. Víctor García Sued will assume the presidency. Quilvio Hernández’s last two-year term comes to an end, and he leaves office satisfied. He got the crown 22 and last year they were in round robin. The Eagles will go to the next championship with a new president and a new manager, since Félix Fermín will be in the offices as assistant manager Angel Ovalles. José Leger will be directing the troops in the dugout. Águilas and Licey are tied with 22 crowns.

THE HOME RUNNERS: Both Aaron Judge and Yordan Alvarez continue to make progress as far as home runs are concerned. On Tuesday, Judge shot his number 22 and Alvarez, the Cuban from Houston, his 17. What does this mean? That we are more than a month away from the all-star game and both could pass or be close to 30 homers for said pause. Last year’s home run kings are well behind. Who were? See the following chart:

PLAYER HRS. 2021 HRS. 2022

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 48 13

Salvador Perez 48 8

Shohei Ohtani 46 11

Marcus Semien 45 6

Fernando Tatis Jr. 42 (He has not played due to injury).

It is clear that none of them will come close to what they did last season.


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