‘Look at the look, looks like an outside hero’

‘A superstar in my camera. Looking at the look, it seems like a hero from outside…’- said actor and talk show host Shahriar Nazim Joy. His comments are about Shakib Khan’s current look. The top actor of the film Dhakai is shooting on the beach of the Bay of Bengal.

He has been busy shooting day and night alone.

Regarding Shakib’s hard work, producer Himel Ashraf said, ‘Thank you to our lead superstar Shakib Khan, I don’t think he has worked so tirelessly for any film in the last 12 years. We are able to do our work properly because of his maximum cooperation and efforts.’

In the meantime Shahriar Nazim Joy went to Cox’s Bazar, the district town on the shore of the sea.

Shakib Khan was caught on camera there. And this camera frame spread in the net world. However, Joy went for an interview with Shakib Khan. But on this occasion, Shakib was able to break a mistake of the fans.
Because fans thought Jai was against Shakib Khan.

The video that Shahriar Nazim released that day not only contained an interview, Shakib Khan made it clear that Shahriar Nazim Joy was his childhood friend in the film world. But this interview is viral mainly because of Shakib Khan’s new look. Because that video has been streamed almost 4 million times, only comments have been made by about 8 thousand fans.

And regarding the interview, Joy says, ‘An interview that brings peace to the mind, is such an interview.

I asked all the questions, he answered all the questions. For the first time in my life, Shabnoor gave me an interview. And that day Shakib Khan. Many say you are a good presenter. I say no, because I have one regret left. I could not interview Salman Shah. I could not interview Nayak Manna. The number of unclaimed stars is still high. Every interview is a journey for me. Educational tour. Crossing the stages of attaining knowledge.’

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Shakib has returned to Dhaka after shooting for a month. Himel Ashraf, the director of the film ‘Priyatma’, said this. He wrote on his Facebook, ‘Priyatama team is now back in Dhaka after shooting non-stop for a month. The shooting of the drama part of our movie is over. Now only action and songs are left. Hopefully, we will be able to complete that as per our plan at the right time.’

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