Long queues at ATMs in Ireland to withdraw ‘free’ money due to a bank error

Long queues and smiles at ATMs in Ireland last Tuesday. In a world where technology makes our lives easier and cuts costs, it was just that a computer failure that was very costly for the country’s main financial institution. At bank ATMs, customers could easily withdraw more money than they had in their account. Queues stretched along the streets and citizens’ impatience to get some extra money thanks to the random error of the machines was felt in the area. Police issued a statement that they had detected “an unusual level” of ATM activity across the country.

The leading bank Bank of Ireland (BoI) reported shortly afterwards that the technical problem, which mainly affected the bank’s online app, had already been fixed.. Due to the situation the Appeal to “Personal Responsibility” The situation was lamented by each individual and the company, and it was reported that the “withdrawals and transfers” of funds were appearing in customers’ accounts throughout the day.

He Bol has told those affected that they are in “trouble”. due to a “bank overdraft”. contact your manager.

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