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Long Covid cases rise in US

After two years of global pandemic, the Covid-19 epidemic seems to be slowing down in some countries. Whether in the United States or in Europe, the noose is loosening, like the mask abandoned in the public sphere or in transport. On the other hand, some people have long Covid. And as revealed , the cases are more and more important across the Atlantic. The long Covid concerns all those who have had several health problems since catching the virus, sometimes even months after being recovered. There is a feeling of fatigue, difficulty in breathing, heart palpitations, dizziness, stomach pain or even an alteration of taste and smell. “It continues to increase”, testifies the doctor Jason Maley with .

The doctor who works at the Boston hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, conducted a study. In the United States, the long Covid would have affected more than 23 million people in March alone. And since the symptoms vary from person to person, it is complicated for experts to establish diagnoses. On the other hand, many clues can allow you to see more clearly, precisely who questioned several doctors. Because some may, at the time, not make you think of Covid-19: “Look carefully if you have classic symptoms such as changes in state of mind, memory loss or even a lack of concentration at work. “says Jason Maley.

The non-vaccinated more at risk?

It is also necessary to pay attention to fatigue, warns the doctor. If this occurs, for example, several days after catching Covid-19, this may be a sign. “You could be hit with tremendous exhaustion.” It is therefore necessary to check for the slightest small problem, especially since according to the authors of the study, people who suffered from health problems before Covid-19 could present a higher risk of long Covid. Not to mention asymptomatic people who think they never had the virus. What to do in case of long Covid? There is currently no treatment, and again it differs from person to person, from three to six months, up to a year.

Take the time to rest and avoid periods of exhaustion. “We think the shortness of breath may be related to the muscles and nerves that control breathing, rather than an injury to the lung such as a scar or infection-related effect.” It has also been established that unvaccinated patients have a higher risk of having a long Covid. “In our early studies, we showed that around one in three people who were not vaccinated showed signs of long Covid,” says study co-author Dr. Nisha Viswanathan. Today, infections are getting lighter and lighter according to doctors, cases of long Covid are recorded in all age groups, but much more among young people. They still don’t know why.


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