Lollipop made in India is harmful to health, public should not use it, officials warn

Oman’s Food Safety and Quality Center has stopped the public from consuming a brand of Lollipop manufactured in India, terming it harmful to health.

Times of Oman Reports According to the Food Safety and Quality Center, the “Lollipop” candy produced by the “King Pop” brand in India has been declared hazardous to public health due to contamination and has asked the public to avoid its consumption.

A statement issued by the Center for Food Safety and Quality said that some “King Pops” produced in India, which apparently have an expiration date of April 2022 to March 2024, were found to be contaminated in their outer molds. Is.

In this regard, the agency added that in the interest of consumer health and safety, the Center is currently working to ensure that local markets are free from the affected products, if any related products are in the market. So the concerned authorities should be contacted and informed.

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