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Loki Season 2: Victor Timely will play an important role in the series

Loki © Marvel Studios

Season 2 of the popular series Loki will have the difficult task of reconciling fans with one MCU This is misleading, especially when we look at the failures of the third film Ant-manbut the introduction of the highly anticipated villain kang (Jonathan Majors) or even the failure of the Secret Invasion series. Continuing the multiversal journey of the God of Mischief, viewers will encounter one of the variants of kangthe dangerous Victor Timely.

It is rumored that the villain is almost not seen in the various trailers – despite his interpreter’s setbacks Jonathan Majors – will have major significance in the series and significant screen time. Kevin WrightThe series’ producer teased on the subject in particular a fanfare arrival of Victor Timely in an interview with the media Weekly entertainment :

“Victor Timely is someone we’re really, really excited about. If you watch Kang, he has a very funny comedic story. It has all these iterations. Timely was what we always wanted to do to Loki. And I think we’re really excited to see how it fits into the season. It’s a big part of the show. »

Loki season 2 arriving on Disney+ on October 6, 2023.

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