Logo design for clinic

Like any organization in tune with the times, a clinic must have its own unique logo. It gives the clinic a memorable visual identity, highlights its strengths and allows it to differentiate itself from the competition in the healthcare market.

Peculiarities of logo design in the field of medicine

The drawing of Logo of a clinic should be based on two main factors:

Characteristics of the work of the medical organization;

The idea that is important to convey to potential customers.

These factors should be explained in detail using examples. Let’s say the plan is to open a dental clinic. As it is easy to guess, the ideal logo would be an image of teeth. For a multispecialty medical center, you can use a more generalized logo – a medical cross or a collective image of a doctor.

What tones are preferred in the logo?

Technically, it’s easy to create a logo. You can use, for example, the Turbo logo generator, which makes things a lot easier. But, before that, you should decide on several components for your future logo. First on the list is a color palette. The choice of colors must be made responsibly, as they convey a state of mind. The clinic emblem must be one or more of the following shades:

Green. Symbolizes health and longevity;

Yellow. It brings joy, warmth and hope;

Blue. Evokes feelings of calm and security;

Red. Associated on a subconscious level with medicine.

If the clinic is aimed primarily at an adult audience, it is best to keep the logo in neutral colors. Add more vivid tones to Logo It is unreasonable that the medical center is designed for children and young people.

Graphic shadow is best designed in two tones. In this way, it will have a more harmonious appearance.

As for the source

Logos can be text, graphic and mixed. For the clinic, it is better to develop a combined logo. That is, it has the name of the organization and an image. If you now look at the logos of famous clinics, you will see that they are just that.

With a palette of colors and images he was able to decide. Now it’s worth focusing on the source. Options with a lot of detail and fonts with scrolls should be discarded immediately. Give preference to a sober and readable style. In this case, the font should complement the image and fit the general idea. This can usually be achieved using a general tone. The position of the emblem can be any. It can be placed on top, bottom or side.

If clinics expand their range of services in the future, the logo could be modified to include the missing details.

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