Logitech: new Master peripherals for Master performance and concentration

Logitech held an event in Lisbon to introduce the latest in the Master series of peripherals.

4gnews went there to learn about the latest tools for Master’s performance and concentration, thanks to all the technology included in the new products and some tricks that can increase productivity and comfort during work hours.

MX S key combination

image Logitech MX Keys S Combo Keyboard

The star of the conference was undoubtedly the new MX Keys S Combo, which combines three devices in one: mouse, keyboard and palm rest. The first two guarantee high performance, thanks to the speed with which they respond to requested commands.

On the keyboard, the backlight is intelligent and the keys can be customized with the most common tasks to save and speed up work.

MX master mouse

The mouse, for its part, provides extreme comfort in its use, largely thanks to its peculiar design, as you can see in the image. 4gnews tested it in this conference and we guarantee that all the usual movements, with the potential to leave future sequelae in the joints of the hands, are attenuated by the shape of the mouse. However, a habituation period is necessary for the movements to become fluid and, from what we found, this period exceeds five minutes…

Its operation seemed fairly quiet otherwise, and scrolling is quick and responsive. It should be noted that the 8K DPI sensor allows this Master mouse to work on any surface, including glass.

MXS keys

MX image S keys

Also new is the MX Key S keyboard, equipped with molded fingertip keys for a smooth, responsive and fast touch. The keys are also quiet, and the smart lighting detects the approach of the hands to automatically adjust the light.

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These settings take into account the lighting in your location and can be customized using the Logi Options+ app.

But to ensure faster responses, the MX Keys S keyboard features three new keys for increased productivity and output. They are: talk to text, mute/unmute microphone, and even one dedicated to emojis. Yes, perhaps the latter is more suitable for (good) collaboration between colleagues.

MX Anywhere 3S

Image of MX Anywhere 3S Mouse

Available in three colors (black, white and pink), the new MX Anywhere 3S mouse lives up to its name by working wirelessly anywhere. Quiet Click technology allows it to be quieter than the previous model and its smooth surface provides maximum comfort in the user’s hand.

Like the model included in the MX Combo, this peripheral also features an 8,000 DPI sensor that allows you to track any surface, whether you’re at work, home, or on the go.

It’s also equipped with MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic scrolling for fast, quiet operation.

Prices and availability

According to information provided by the brand itself, the three new Master MX peripherals will be available for purchase starting in June on the Logitech website and at authorized points of sale.

Regarding the prices:

  • MX Key S keyboard – 119 euros
  • MX Anywhere 3S mouse – 99 euros
  • Combo MX S Keys – 219 euros

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