Logisfashion, a multinational specialized in logistics applied to fashion and lifestyle, celebrates its 25th anniversary reaffirming its end-to-end value proposition, a successful strategy that will allow it to invoice more than 90 million euros this year and reach 150 million in 2023.

“These 25 years have been a huge challenge for all of us. A challenge that we have achieved thanks to our commitment to pillars such as the internationalization, technology, eCommerce, and a highly committed human team since our inception. All this to offer a comprehensive and quality response to our clients ”, points out Juan Manzanedo, CEO of Logisfashion.

The company’s efforts to increase its competitiveness, strengthen its international leadership and improve its growth figures have materialized in different recent actions, such as the purchase of the Panamanian company Supreme Overseas Corp, the opening of new markets such as Uruguay and the inauguration of new centers logistics in Spain, Mexico and Chile.

A roadmap with which the company is covering the entire supply chain: from services at origin (Asia), forwarding and customs; through logistics applied to retail, value-added services, the fulfillment for e-commerce, to last-mile transportation.

“Our value proposition is based on the need of customers for operators with a global presence and services that cover the entire supply chain, from the factory to the end customer, having visibility and traceability of the merchandise at all times, where technology plays a fundamental role “explains Manzanedo.

During these 25 years, Logisfashion has become the strategic logistics partner to outsource the supply chain internationally, thanks to its 27 logistics centers spread across America, Europe and Asia, which translate into more than 400,000 m² and in a team of more than 2,000 professionals.

With the commitment to eCommerce in 2011, the company carried out a complete transformation of its processes and distribution centers, expanding its services to additional fashion sectors, such as home, bazaar, toys, jewelry, sex wellness, among many others. This strategy has resulted in 50% of their business coming from e-commerce.

Growth and internationalization strategy since its inception

25 years ago Logisfashion was born in Spain, as a niche operator of the textile and fashion industry, with a first warehouse of 1,800 m² in the Barcelona town of Palau de Plegamans.

In 2007, Logisfashion starts operating in Mexico accompanying its clients in their expansion to Latin America and China, with the opening of offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong to offer services at the source of the supply chain.

On 2011, Logisfashion marks another important milestone with the complete transformation of the interior of its centers to be able to offer the logistics service for eCommerce. It continues its growth in 2014 with its landing in the USA, specifically together with your local partner with a distribution center in Miami.

In 2015, it began inhouse logistics operations in Colombia and inaugurated a center in the Colon free zone in Panama. That same year, in addition, it expanded its facilities in Mexico and at the end of 2016 it launched the division of forwarding in this country. A year later, a cutting-edge technological megaproject.

During 2019, Logisfashion significantly expands its infrastructures in Spain, with the launch of three logistics centers in Castilla la Mancha. On 2020 integrates the Texlog company in its operations in Colombia, enhancing the logistics capacity in the country and expanding its offer to the custody and special services of textile raw materials. It also opens a new center in Mexico, aimed at promoting the development of eCommerce in the region.

During this year, the company has launched a new center in Spain to accommodate the logistics operations of household products and is consolidated in Panama with the acquisition of Supreme Overseas Corp, reinforcing its value proposition with forwarding and customs and its eCommerce hub as a gateway to Latin America.

Logisfashion celebrates its 25th anniversary reaffirming your value proposition end-to-end, with a successful strategy that will allow it to invoice more than 90 million euros this year and reach 150 million in 2023.


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