That operations related to electronic commerce are carried out through marketplaces is already the norm. With the crisis caused by COVID-19, buying or selling online has become the norm. It is a must for customers.

Today we want to be more specific. We all know which are the giants of the sector but, Have you heard of local marketplaces?

What are local marketplaces?

A local marketplace is a type of marketplace. They stand out above all forgroup different products that come from local businesses.

It is a kind of “supermarket or online market” that subtly moves away from the marketplaces to which we are accustomed.

Marketplaces can offer different advantages, such as:

  • To be part of one You do not need to make a large initial investment. And, in the case of wanting to leave it, there is usually no problem either since a permanence is not required.
  • You will increase your clientele since you will have greater exposure in the online channel.
  • There are cases of cross selling.

How do they benefit local consumption?

Local marketplaces tend to be born as a result of municipal or regional initiatives. In this way, the small business is supported and helps to digitize by allocating public funds.

Some of the benefits for local consumption are:

  • The stimulation of local economy.
  • help the population of the more rural settings.
  • Commit even more to sustainability and ecology.

All this and more at the MarketPlace Summit

Do you have any doubt? Don’t worry, We will answer all of them in the IV Edition of the MarketPlace Summit.

There we will talk about the marketplace phenomenon and how they have also become local. There are many Spanish municipalities that are launching their own local projects to digitize local businesses.

One of the most established examples is the Zaragoza City Council. To talk about this case we will have:

It will take place on June 23. It will be an exclusive event on e-commerce & marketplaces. Sign up now and don’t miss the IV Edition of the Marketing Summit!


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