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Lluc Crusellas sweetens the Titan Desert Morocco

Lluc Crusellas sweetens the Titan Desert Morocco

The Titan Desert Morocco It will come to an end this Friday, but first it’s time to continue enjoying it and savoring it. Especially the latter after this Thursday, all the participants lived a ‘chocolatada’ that carried the signature of Lluc Crusellas. The 27-year-old Catalan, who last year became the best chocolatier in the world after winning the World Chocolate Masters held at the Salon du Chocolat in Parisoffered a tasting in the Merzouga camp: “I spoke with the organization and wanted to bring chocolate for everyone. The most beautiful thing is being able to share moments with people and I have always said that if you enjoy things you only have very little left, the best thing is to share. And if we can share good times with a good chocolate, even better”, explained to AS a Lluc Crusellas who, despite starting the Titan Desert Morocco with desire and enthusiasm wearing the colors of the KH-7 team, is no longer in the race.

crusellas, what he withdrew last Wednesday from the Titan Desert due to illnesscontinues in the camp with the purpose of continuing living the experience and this Thursday he filled the Hotel Xaluca Tombouctou in Merzouga with chocolate: “I was very excited to live this experience, but the body is the one in charge and it told me that I couldn’t take it anymore. I will be back next year because this is unique. I will remove this thorn because I was well prepared physically… but nothing happens. Now to live the days that remain here, which is very interesting, ”she commented. At 6:00 p.m. (Moroccan time) she began preparing the chocolate and did not hesitate to ask the rest of the titans for help because “you have to stir a lot.” A 70 percent dark chocolate melted in milk was made and more than 400 servings were prepared, which flew. “Obviously we couldn’t bring solid chocolate because it would have been a bit over the edge and we decided to make a ‘chocolate’. We shipped the chocolate three weeks ago with trucks from the Titan organization and also custom cups,” she said.

It is true that not everyone ate chocolate because “some people go to the limit with diet and nutrition”, but Lluc Crusellas warned that “chocolate is something that gives pleasure to the body and the problem is not whether you eat chocolate or not, the problem is for those who stay on the sofa at home doing nothing. Within the limits everything can be eaten and enjoyed, the body needs happiness”. A large number of titans already knew that they shared camp with Crusellas and others soon became interested after trying the chocolate. And the Catalan, to establish himself as the best chocolatier in the world, made an elephant three meters high and weighing 170 kilos. Half of the sculpture was figurative and the other half represented a cyborg pachyderm. Crusellas made history by being the youngest winner of the World Chocolate Masters and the first Spaniard to win the title.

His shop, ‘El Carme’ in Vic

Lluc Crusellas, born in Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer, has been working with sweets since he was 17 years old. While he was in high school he found the open doors of Can Jubany, which has a Michelin star, and after that he trained as a pastry chef. He was in schools like Hofmann and Espai Sucre. In 2017 he arrived at the ‘El Carme’ pastry shop in Vic and since then it is there where you can taste his creations. In the future he has in mind to open a store in Barcelona.

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