LLC comes into action mode over Gambhir-Sreesanth controversy, Syed Kirmani and Raman Raheja said what will happen next

The fight between two former Indian cricketers of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) played in India has been making headlines since yesterday evening. This fight between Gautam Gambhir and Sreesanth has caught everyone’s attention. From cricket fans to pundits, everyone is surprised and saddened by the on-field behavior of these two members of the 2007 T20 World Cup winning team. Against this background, LLC has now also expressed its disappointment about this controversy. The league also said appropriate action will be taken on the matter.

Syed Kirmani, head of LLC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee, and CEO Raman Raheja have issued a statement on the controversy. This official statement said that the incident, which is being discussed throughout the cricket world during the LLC match, is a violation of the LLC Code of Conduct and necessary action will be taken against anyone who violates these rules GMBH.

Former cricketer Syed Kirmani said LLC tries to maintain sportsmanship along with cricket. Therefore, he will conduct an internal investigation into violations of the Code of Conduct. Any misconduct on and off the field will be severely punished. Activities on social media also fall within the scope. The LLC’s rules clearly state that all possible actions will be taken against players who cause harm to the league, the spirit of the game and the team they represent.

Raman Raheja said in his statement that all players contracted with LLC were bound by the terms and conditions. If something goes wrong, prescribed measures must be taken. We will take appropriate action in the event of breaches of contract. Unfortunately, the images and videos of this incident going viral on social media are generating negative headlines and diverting attention from the tournament’s exciting season. Our aim is to concentrate on the league itself. Therefore, the relevant committee will take action on this matter after completing the investigation.

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On the night of December 6, 2023, a match between Gujarat Giants and India Capitals was played at the Lalbhai Contractor Stadium in Surat. During this Eliminator match, Gautam Gambhir of Indian Capitals and Sreesanth of Gujarat Giants got into each other. There was a long argument between the two. Fellow cricketers and umpires had to come to the rescue. The matter didn’t end there. After this, Sreesanth also made many controversial statements about Gautam Gambhir while sharing a video on Instagram.

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