Liza Blanco returns to television this June 4 with “Entre Nubes y Fuego The Show”

the communicator Lisa White is premiere. Return to television with a new season proposal “Between Clouds and Fire The Show”which will begin its transmission on Sunday, June 4, at 6:00 pm on Color Visión, channel 9.

The program, which will be presented in the months of June, July until August of this year, will be a space for laughter, telling their stories of overcoming and their fears and what their desires are. In each conversation you can be surprised in order to inspire our viewers to connect through digital platforms, under the general production of Jhoel López.

On this occasion, the novelty of this program is that its set is a bar with an audience, in the Rustyc facilities where our stars will also share with the attendees who are present in each conversation, being the first time that a concept is made like this in the country.

This first edition will have 13 thirteen episodes with guests who have achieved prominent positions in the media, sports, acting and the arts. It has the support of brands and companies that are spokespersons for television quality such as: Presidente, Rustyc.

For more information about “Entre Nubes y Fuego The Show”, those interested can consult their social networks such as: @entrenubesyfuego, on Instagram and the YouTube channel.

Review of Liza Blanco and Between Clouds and Fire The Show

This talented woman was born in Nagua and arrived in the capital in 2010 to study dentistry, which after a few months changed and she went on to a marketing career, but life had other plans with Liza who had art as her heart. motor of inspiration, since she was a child she showed aptitudes and love for art.

In 2012, she participated in the Miss Dominican Republic Universe representing her beloved province María Trinidad Sánchez, where she was among the 10 finalists, but that was only the beginning of what was to come, that same year she participated in an audition to enter the popular program “El Escándalo del 13” produced and presented by Jhoel López.

Liza’s talent captivated the producer and she entered the cast of the program as a model and co-host, standing out and a year later love arose with Jhoel López with whom she formed a family.

After the “Scandalo del 13” she entered the program “Aquí Se Habla Español” as the main presenter and at the same time she began to discard herself as an entertainer of large events, such as: President Summer, President Carnival, Pepsi entertainer and a number of masters of ceremonies and events. She is also the image of important brands, all this accompanied by the role of her businesswoman since for 3 years Liza has been the owner of “Liza Blanco Boutique” and the “Beauty Studio” both in the Plaza Andalucia de la Lincoln.

After spending 5 years in “Aquí se Habla Español” she decides to leave the space and creates, together with her husband and producer, the podcast “Entre Nubes y Fuego” for YouTube and social networks, achieving an immediate impact and being a benchmark for good content, it was The success of this project was so great that producer Jhoel López and Color Visión decided to take it to TVA as a seasonal program and thus “Entre Nubes y Fuego The Show” was born.

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