Living water with energy from the sun for your cells

What is produced when we put the bottle in the sun? The sun’s rays have infrared rays that pass through the glass and heat up the water molecules, this causes the molecules to activate, which in homeopathy is called “Energizing the water” and this leads to life.

Ultraviolet rays sterilize the water, eliminating any type of bacteria, and it is uncovered because it also eliminates chlorine, which by chemical action turns into gas and rises to the surface.

Thus, we get solarized or photonized water.

Amazing dark blue glass effect

The physicist Lord Kelvin, in the year 1848, discovered how to graduate the temperature of light by establishing that all light has a degree of color temperature, for example, light from a lamp is between 2000 and 2,500 degrees Kelvin, allogeneic light between 3,000 and 3,800 Ky at noon on a sunny day, we find 5,000 and 5,500 degrees Kelvin.

But what happens when the sun’s rays pass through dark blue glass? The 5,500 degrees Kelvin are transformed into 7,000 Kb. And when Earth had 7,000 K? at the moment of its creation, water retrieves memory.

Do you think our body doesn’t recognize this? Everything that exists in us has already existed.

Thus, water not only becomes dynamic, it also loses bacteria, eliminates chlorine and also recovers the memory of what it had at the time of creation.

How to prepare?

Use a dark blue bottle if possible, it can also be lighter, fill it with tap water, leave it in the open sun for about an hour or more.

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To enhance this beneficial effect for the body, place a white quartz inside the bottle, previously cleaned and energized in the sun for the purpose of health and personal harmony.

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