Livestream Stabbing Incident: New Information Emerges About Propeth’s Vocalist’s Involvement

Former Lostprophets Vocalist Ian Watkins Attacked in Prison

What you need to know:

A year after the stabbing he suffered in prison, a book recounts the reason behind the attack on Ian Watkins, vocalist of Lostprophets.

In August 2023, Ian Watkins, former vocalist of Lostprophets, was attacked in His Majesty’s prison in Wakefield, England, while being transferred to a nearby hospital.

Ian Watkins, a convicted pedophile, has been serving a 35-year sentence since 2013. According to reports, he was attacked by three fellow inmates on August 5, 2023, in a "targeted and prolonged" attack.

Background on the Attack

Ian Watkins, known as the vocalist of Lostprophets, was accused of pedophilia and is serving a 35-year sentence. He claimed that two of his fellow inmates had forced him to make phone calls to fans to raise money for them. He claimed he had no choice but to cooperate.

The judges in the case found his behavior unacceptable and he is expected to spend a long time in prison for his crimes.

Update on Watkins’ Status

According to recent reports, Ian Watkins is not expected to be released from prison anytime soon. A photo taken at Reading Festival in 2010, before his imprisonment, suggests that the British singer will be serving a lengthy sentence for his crimes.

In an attack on August 5, 2023, three fellow inmates of His Majesty’s prison in Wakefield, England, targeted and seriously injured Watkins. Officers had to use "Tornado" armed riot officers and grenades to free him.

It seems far from likely that Ian Watkins will leave prison anytime soon.

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