Livestream Shopping, the revolution of online shopping

The Livestream Shopping is rising as a innovative sales strategy and is revolutionizing online shopping. And it is that, this new trend allows brands to deepen the connection with customers, expand their reach through associations with influencers and possibly increase their conversion rates. Faced with this new scenario, 2btubean agency specializing in influencer marketing and digital content production, has announced a agreement with the technology platform Livestream Shopping I-Lish to promote the professionalization of this new digital marketing format and offer brands a more complete value proposition focused on conversion through direct online sales.

This shopping model during live broadcasts combines streaming video entertainment and e-commerce. Hence, a new term has emerged to define this type of content: the entertainmerce either shoppertainment (entertainment + e-commerce) which, according to the study ‘The potentials of live streaming ecommerce’ by AliExpress and Forrester Consulting, interests 78% of Spanish consumers.

A ‘show’ in the purest television style in which an influencer presents products, tests them, explains their characteristics and answers questions asked by viewers through a live chat, while generating a series of dynamics such as discounts or special offers. In short, an experience a way of relating to the “unique and innovative” brand what is expected revolutionize ecommerce in Spain, as it is already doing in other markets. In fact, the Livestream Shopping it grew from 3,000 million dollars to 171,000 million in three years and it is estimated that this year it will move 480,000 million dollars. In the United States, it is expected to move about 11,000 million dollars.

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“This integration with 2btube will allow us to maximize the quality of our Liveshopping proposal for brands. Its catalog of talents, its team and its experience in making video-streaming, as well as the advantage of having its own production studios, will mean a qualitative leap in this type of broadcast. We expect a better conversion and more sales for our customersExplain Pablo Pagador, Co-Founder and CEO of I-Lish.

According to this platform, the conversion rate during these live contents can be between 15% and 30% on average, in addition to reducing the rate of returns by up to 50%. This is because with its technology, the user, in addition to being able to see how an influencer he trusts interacts with a product and solves his doubts, can obtain the product he is seeing, directly and with a single click, on that moment, what does easier and more likely to complete the purchase.

“I-Lish’s innovative platform enables a unique, most up-to-date, simple shopping experience and, above all, as demanded by younger audiences. And with the statistics it offers, a brand can learn from customers, their tastes and behaviors, instantly”he assures, for his part, Blanca Rabena, Director of B2B Services and Paid Media at 2btube.

To know everything about the Livestream Shoppingwe have attended the #LiveShoppingDay2022 in which we have lived a Livestream Shopping live in front of and behind the cameras.

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