Home Sports Liverpool’s new target after losing Caicedo and Lavia

Liverpool’s new target after losing Caicedo and Lavia

Liverpool's new target after losing Caicedo and Lavia

Liverpool are in dire need of strengthening their midfield, particularly at the pivot position, and it seems they have found a possible candidate in Benfica defensive midfielder Florentino Luis.

The scouting club had to face setbacks in the offices and in the sports field as it was close to ensuring the arrival of Moisés Caicedo and Roméo Lavia. However, both promising midfielders turned down Liverpool’s offers to join Chelsea. This has left Liverpool with neither Fabinho nor Henderson in midfield and the need to strengthen the squad has become more pressing.

Liverpool’s new target after losing Caicedo and Lavia

Liverpool have shown little stability in their debut against Chelsea, raising the need for a new midfielder before the transfer market closes. In this context, Florentino Luis is emerging as a possible reinforcement that has sparked interest in the club’s offices. Benfica’s Lusitanian defensive midfielder has been under Liverpool’s radar for a while and his name stands out among many options.

Although there were once rumors that his €120m clause made him inaccessible, it is known that Benfica would be willing to consider offers close to €40m to start negotiations. Florentino Luis, aware of Liverpool’s interest since the market’s inception, left a significant gesture on his social networks by following Liverpool’s official Instagram account.

Liverpool are considering multiple names following Caicedo and Lavia’s cancellations. Florentino Luis’ youth, prognosis and potential price tag make him a possible favorite to fill the Liverpool midfield position. While talks and negotiations are an integral part of the process, the prospect of Florentino Luis joining Liverpool is causing some excitement and anticipation for the final days of the transfer market.

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