Home Sports Liverpool’s initial offer for Romeo Lavia

Liverpool’s initial offer for Romeo Lavia

Liverpool's initial offer for Romeo Lavia

Romeo Lavia is the next target for Liverpool in the transfer market with a view to reinforcing its squad for next season, being the Belgian player from Southampton, only 19 years old, was chosen to finish executing the reconstruction of the core of the group led by Jurgen Klopp.

The latest information points to a direct contact of the network equipment with the environment of romeo lavia, Liverpool being willing to make an offer that would go up to 30 million euros to take over the services of the midfielder, who would have the opportunity to make a good leap in quality in his sports career after being the most outstanding star of Southampton, arriving at Anfield to fill one of the vacancies left after the departures of milner, Fabinho and Jordan Henderson.

The City also squeezes

Nevertheless, Liverpool It is not the only club that would look for the signing of Lavia, since the Manchester Cityclub that transferred the midfielder to southampton a year ago, he would also be on the lookout for the young footballer, that’s why the Liverpool wants to hurry as much as possible to make a powerful economic offer in all aspects so that the aforementioned Jurgen Klopp enjoy a new desired signing for a 2023/2024 in which they hope to regain competitiveness after a year in which things have not gone as expected.

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