The Liverpool He has more than decided, he will not let go Divock Origi in the next January market even though he has offers to leave the club. The Belgian footballer ends his contract at the end of the season and appears as one of the first signings of the Newcastle united, who is eager to get his hands on the striker since he considers that it would be extremely good for his squad, the last classified in the Premier League and with severe problems in terms of goals.

As he tells us’Northern Echo‘, the’ magpies’ want the Belgian striker in the next transfer market, six months before his tie with Liverpool ends, so it is the ‘red’ team who have to decide whether to let him go before or for him On the contrary, he accepts what he marks in his contract. The footballer wants to leave as he practically does not fit into Jürgen Klopp’s plans due to the enormous competition in Liverpool’s attack and he considered Newcastle United to be a very good option for his sports career. At almost 27 years old, the Belgian footballer needs to establish himself in a club that really has him in its starting eleven since his substitution is dragging on for many years at Anfield.

Magpies don’t want to pay for it

One of the reasons why Liverpool is not willing to release Divock Origi It is precisely because Newcastle United is not willing to pay a single euro for the transfer of the footballer, what they want is for the player to terminate his contract six months before and thus arrive free of charge as soon as the winter market opens, a situation that does not contemplate Liverpool at all.



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