Liverpool coach attacked in Manchester

Sparks flew in Manchester City-Liverpool on the pitch and also in the stands. The Etihad fans disrespected German coach Jurgen Klopp with chants about him being fired for much of the match. But things did not stop there, since Manchester City reported that the Liverpool bus suffered incidents at the exit of the stadium citizen.

“Manchester City FC have been informed that the Liverpool FC coach was damaged on its return journey after today’s game. We understand that an object was thrown in a residential area. Incidents of this kind are totally unacceptable and we strongly condemn the actions of those responsible. We will fully support the Greater Manchester Police investigation into this incident in any way that we can.

Besides, the Club is disappointed to have heard inappropriate chants from home fans during today’s match. We regret any offense these chants may have caused and we will continue to work with supporter groups and officials from both clubs to root out hateful chants from this match.”

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