“Littery bride” herself caught in her own trap!

In India, the girl who robbed men in the name of marriage, known as “Laterie Bride”, got married after being caught in the trap of a rich man like her.

According to Indian media, a girl in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh filed a police case that a young man married her by hiding her identity and she lived with him for four years. It was later found that she was not a Hindu while the police investigated and it was shockingly revealed that the girl who filed the complaint has 22 cases of cheating herself and is known as a “bride-robber”.

According to the report, the girl, popularly known as Latteri Dahalan, filed a report of the incident in January 2019 in Powai police station of Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, in which she said that she was cheated and a young man hid his identity. After marrying her, it is known that the young man became a Hindu and married her and established a matrimonial relationship.

According to the girl’s complaint, in February 2019, she went to a temple in Chitrakot where she met a young man named Jitendra. Both of them roamed that area together all day. Spent the night in a farmhouse. The boy established a relationship with her on the pretense of marriage and on her constant insistence, tricked her into going to the temple and marrying him in March 2021.

According to the girl’s report, Jitender hid his real identity by showing a fake ID and misled her. When it came to know that Jeetinder is actually Irshad alias Shakeel, then this complaint was filed.

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Additional Superintendent of Police Lakshmi Niwas Mishra said that the entire matter is being investigated on the complaint of the woman. Preliminary investigation has revealed that 22 cases of robbery by marriage have been registered against him in the police station of Panna district. This girl used to lure simple people into her trap and marry them and then steal their cash and jewelry and escape and that’s why she is known as looter bride there.

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