Lithium was nationalized in Mexico

The presidential decree nationalized lithium, consolidating this strategic mineral as state property.

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he signed This Saturday in Sonora, the decree for the nationalization of lithium, which is used in the production of batteries for electric cars, was issued. “May the Nation own this strategic mineral”, declared the head of state during his visit to the municipality of Bacadéhuachi.

After emphasizing that this step is taken “for the benefit of the people of Mexico“, López Obrador announced that “starts a process of exploration, technological development to have the raw material, also with the objective of installing factories for the production of batteries“.

The presidential decree consolidates the lithium as State property for extraction from the Mexican subsoil and subsequent exploitation. As the mineral is found under clay, the extraction process in Mexico is different from countries like Bolivia, Chile or Argentina, where it is found in rock or brine.

“Petroleum and lithium belong to the nation”

What we are doing now, keeping proportions and at another time, is nationalizing lithium so that it is not exploited by foreigners, neither from Russia, nor from China, nor from the United States. Petroleum and lithium belong to the nation, they belong to the people of Mexico“, summed up the president.

The nationalization of lithium complements the reform of the Mining Law approved in April last year, which stipulated how “of public utility” the prospecting, exploration and exploitation of the mineral, granting the Mexican State the exclusive use of this resource.

There is already a law that was approved in Congress, there are clear injunctions, you know how conservatives are who would like Mexico to become a colony of foreigners, that it is not an independent, free, sovereign country. Nothing else they cannot with their protections, nor their controversies in the judiciary“, emphasized López Obrador, who concluded:”The decision has already been made, the law has been approved by the legislature and lithium belongs to the nation“.


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