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Litecoin (LTC) pump & dump, bitcoin (BTC) possible at support and more tweets!

A huge green and red candle appear on the hourly chart as a result of yesterday’s news. Litecoin (LTC) would be accepted by Walmart in all its stores. Later it turned out that this was not true. You can read more about this news in this article. Has the panic for a further sell off taken care of? In this article a number of interesting tweets from analysts, among others.

Litecoin pump & dump

Following the pump & dump yesterday, people are taking advantage of the news here and there to put crypto in a bad light again. For example, Nick Bilton, a journalist from Vanitiy Fair, calls for strict regulation of the sector. Alex Krüger, economist and crypto trader, comments:

“These pump & dumps also take place in traditional markets. Pump & dumps are a form of market manipulation and is already illegal.”

Bitcoin investors increasingly hodl

Then a tweet from investor Lark Davis. He noticed that bitcoins (BTC) that have moved in the past three months, all time low (ATL) to stand. Bitcoins that were moved over the past three months now make up just 15.9% of the total bitcoin supply.

“We just hit a new low for young bitcoin (under 3 months) HODL wave. This often marks the end of a bearish period and is often a time when the big bucks are buying.

Retail hype money bought BTC in April and that is now being sold to institutions.

BTC 100k at the end of the year.”

Has bitcoin reached its support?

The bitcoin price has not really had a clear direction for a while, especially after the correction on September 7. Analyst and trader Pentoshi raises the possibility that the current price zone at $45,000 may be a support can form and thus a higher low can be in the way up. “As long as we are above $41,000 we are bullish,” the analyst said in a tweet:

“This could be a macro HL for BTC

It previously acted as support. We pulled the HL out of the Macro downtrend and then climbed for weeks with no significant declines

As long as we are above 41k we are bullish

Btc has a way of looking bad and then surprising everyone”

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