List of nominees for the 2023 Golden Microphone Awards

The Círculo de Locutores Dominicanos (CLD) announced the nominees for the XXXI edition of the 2023 Golden Microphone Awards, with which they will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation, in the middle of a show called “Half a Century of Golden Voices” , at the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

During a meeting with the press, held at the Meridian Events Center, the board of directors, headed by its president, Hilda Pequero, revealed the list of 116 nominees, divided into 22 categories, with five applicants per line, in addition to the Great Microphone of Gold.

On this occasion, the work and performance carried out by microphone professionals during the years 2021 and 2022, in a unified manner, is recognized. In the same way, the work of the subsidiaries at the national level will be recognized, with the selection of three presenters per city.

Peguero said she was satisfied with the selection of the nominees “hard and meticulous work, because for us it is very important to take into account the quality and dedication of each of our announcers, not only in Santo Domingo, but throughout the country.” .

The award ceremony will take place on July 19, at 8:00 pm, in the Main Hall of the National Theater. The production and artistic direction is in charge of Chiqui Haddad. Prior to the show, there will be a Golden Reception.

Half a Century of Golden Voices will travel back in time from 1972, the year the CLD was born, along with other events linked to the country’s art and culture and up to the present day. It will be a great night, where the trajectory, delivery and dedication of great and iconic voices of the locution of the country will be recognized.

Bismarck Morales, Hilda Peguero and Chiqui Haddad during the press meeting in Meridian.

Bismarck Morales, Hilda Peguero and Chiqui Haddad during the press meeting in Meridian.

Next, list of nominees, categories and lines.


– Line Announcer presenter and / or animator

Announcer (a) Television presenter

-Ivan Ruiz

-Jochy Santos

-Jose Fabian

-Pamela Sued

-Samir Saba

Announcer (a) TV entertainer

-Albert Mena

-Frederick Martinez (El Pacha)

-Julio Clemente

-Michael Miguel Holguin

-Rafael Peña Castillo (Yoryi Castillo)

Radio Variety Program Announcer

-Baptist Sunday

-Ingrid Gomez

-Jatnna Tavarez

-Karin Larrauri

-Neftali Rojas

Radio News Announcer

-Eduardo Santana

-Federico Núñez Mañan

-Miguel Susana

-Willys Lachapell

-Wilson Collado

Television News Announcer

-Jessica Hasbun

-Juliet Arias

-Laura Jaquez Caminero

-Nairobi Viloria

-Rafaelina Bisonó

Announcer Radio or TV Commentator

-Colombian Alcantara

-Felix Victorino

-Hony Star

-Johnny Vasquez

-Juan Carlos Arbelo

Announcer Official Voice of radio and/or TV

-Dennys Richard Acosta Sanchez

-Luis Fitzgerald Astacio Nunez

-Marina Frias Diaz

-Martin Alcantara

-Pedro Nadal

– Line Specialized Announcer

Voiceover Audiobook Narration

-Angely Baez

-Ernesto Baez

-Joan Vidal

-Sussie Caraballo

-Victor Xavier Family

Announcer (a) Dubbing

-Emilio Beltre Mendez

-David Santana

-Josefina Hernandez

Announcer (a) Corporate Materials

-Edgar Cadena

-Gabriela Andújar Castillo

-Jose Manuel Then Duran

-Madeline Michelle Bare Hernandez

-Yadhira Pimentel

Announcer in Dom. Rep. Featured Abroad

-Angely Baez

-Ana Rosa Arias Caceres

-Froilan Arvelo (El Brudi)

-Josefina Hernandez

-Karina Ciprian

– Line Music Announcer

Tropical Music Announcer

-Dennis Santana

-Eduardo Rodríguez Ramírez (The super black)

-Hector Bienvenido Valerio Polanco (Lo Eddy Valerio)

-Miguel Angel Feliz Vasquez (Michael Feliz)

-Tonny Candelario Durán (The Great Durán)

Religious Music Announcer

-Julissa del Villar

-Kelvin Araujo

-Leyca Leyba

-Lorenny Garo

-Rafael Rodriguez

Urban Music Announcer

-Anthony Queen

-Brea Frank

-Dj R.J.

-Sandy boy

-Luinni Corporan

Soft Music Announcer

-Evelyn del Carmen Gonzalez

-Jorge Rosario

-Leanny Mention

-Miledys Perez

-Wellington de Leon

– Line Sports Announcer

Sports Announcer Narrator

-Franklin Mirabal

-Ildefonso Urena

-Melvin Jose Bejaran

-Orlando Mendez

-Santana Martinez

Sports Commentator Announcer

-Americo Celado

-Franklin Mirabal

-Hector Gomez

-Tomas Cabrera

-Vian Araujo

Sports Commercial Announcer

-Andres Garcia

-Cesar Rosario

-Diego Marte

-Fernando Custodio

-Santos Peralta

Sports Female Voice of the Year

-Karen Ozuna

-Laura Bonelli

-Natasha Pena

-Sussy Jimenez

-Rosa Cuevas

– Line Specialized Announcer

Announcer Master of Ceremonies

-Ariel Mercedes

-France Polanco

-Gustavo Alberto Valera

-Laura Caminero Hernandez

-Marianne Cruz

-Miralba Ruiz

Commercial Announcer

-Angely Baez

-Derek Rubio

-Dennys Richard Acosta Sanchez

-Luis Fitzgerald Astacio Nunez

-Rafael Martin Leclerc Arias

Featured Announcer Abroad

-Alipio Coco Cabrera

-Bryan Brea

-Carmen Martinez

-Janeito Matos

-Santiago Antonio Matias Rojas

Announcer (a) Digital Media

-Eugenio Mieses

-Jaime Rincon

-Jhossan Capell

-Ramon Tolentino

-Wellington de Leon

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