Lisbon and La Vuelta are scheduled to be negotiated in 2024

With The Vuelta 2023 complete Climax, the output of 2024 will be released at the horizon. This year in contrast than it normally is usual, Despite it It is unknown officially since then Where will it go? the race next year. There are discussions with various locations, and a than you have chances to say goodbye as he could You know, AS, it’s Lisbon. The Portuguese capital It was held in 1997 the first departure of the Vuelta abroad. In this edition they were three stages which previously took place in the neighboring country.

Four so far were the expenses of the 78 detained, in which The Vuelta came from abroad. The one quoted by Portugal in 1997, Netherlands in 2009 (Assen), France in 2017 (Nimes) and again in 2017 Dutch countries in 2022, specifically in Utrecht. Negotiations between the various parties are ongoing… and also for next year’s tour, the presentation date and final profile of which will be decided in the coming weeks.

With the globalization of cycling There are numerous great tours that in the last few years They started from the outside. He trip came out this year Bilbao, and the previous one from Copenhagen. “What we experienced in Utrecht (2022) was a success. We have many requests to go abroad. “In the next four years I see at least one departure from outside Spain,” La Vuelta director Javier Guillén said during his visit to AS in March. There is nothing official as shown by the fact that at every opening of the race (during the first phase) The baton is “handed over” for the farewell the following year. That didn’t happen in Barcelona. Lisbon, candidate for 2024.

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