With the promotion of several songs, the urban singer Braulio Balbuena, known as Trauma Lirical, wants to make himself felt in the Dominican Republic, since he resides in Connecticut, United States, since 2009, where he has made his life in a general sense.

A native of the Mejoramiento Social neighborhood, Los Alcarrizos, Lirical premiered the song "Demagogy".

In addition, he has the songs “My dad”, “My future”, and “The camels of Dubai”, the latter is the one that has given him notoriety.

"Demagogy" It is his song of the moment, with lyrics that call for reflection, sending a positive message to those who listen to it, since his goal is to contribute through his songs.

“I want people to know me, because I have a hidden career, even though I have collaborations with Chimbala, Rochy RD, Paramba, Pablo Pidi, among other urban people,” said the singer.

In this new stage of his career, he says that he has learned a lot, so since 2016 he decided to invest in his solo career, since music has been in his blood from an early age.

Trauma Lirical, who has a work team among which Nicky Parra stands out in the promotion, as well as a team of professionals in the area, to achieve a good place in the area of ​​urban music.



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