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Lionel Messi: "We are growing a lot at the game level"

After scoring the first goal in Argentina’s 3-0 win over Uruguay, Lionel Messi received a plaque from Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, AFA holder, after becoming the player with the most scores (80) in a South American team.

Later, the Argentine captain assumed: “We are growing a lot at the game level, we had a tough opponent. Uruguay plays well, it waits for you, it gives you a fight. But we don’t despair we had patience and with their mistakes came our goals “.

The Rosario star pointed out: “We had to win the three points after drawing there in Paraguay, it was necessary. Today everything went perfect; we’re good on every line At first it was complicated, but with Draw Martínez -which covered a very difficult one for Lucho Suárez- In the Argentine National Team we are calm, because he is definitely one of the best goalkeepers in the world; we are very happy with all this that is happening to us. It is necessary to take advantage of it to continue making this Selection grow “.

Finally, the PSG player, who had a brilliant performance at the Monumental, stated: “Playing against your people again helps us a lot; It’s very nice, especially now that things are going well for us. Every time we enjoy this Selection more and that is beautiful. Now we must get to Thursday’s game with Peru in the same way. Let’s hope these good results continue and hopefully the communion with the people lasts a long time. “


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