Lionel Messi related how he found out about his departure from Barcelona

Lionel Messi revealed that his father, Jorge, was the one who told him that he was not going to continue in Barcelona, and spoke of the “downturn” that this news meant for his family, especially for his three young children.

In one of the exclusive interviews he gave after his official presentation, Messi spoke with the Spanish journalist and writer Guillem Balagué and told him details of the hours after the failed agreement with Barcelona.

“My dad came to my house to let me know because he had met with Laporta early in the morning. That’s where the slump came. I told Antonela about it. We cry and we get bitter “, revealed the Rosario.

And he continued with the story: “Then we started to think about how to tell the children, because in December we had told them that we were going to stay and to continue in Barcelona. We knew what a blow it was going to be, especially for Thiago. “

Messi: “We were anxious about the uncertainty of what was going to happen”

In the brief talk, with the playing field of the Parque de los PrĂ­ncipes stadium behind him, The idol relaxed and provided details of the mobilizing hours that the Messi family lived.

“We had a hard time sleeping and resting all these days because we were anxious about the uncertainty of what was going to happen after the club’s statementBecause we didn’t know what we were going to do, we didn’t have anything defined, “he said.

Messi’s main concern was for his eldest son, Thiago, 8But trust that it will adjust to the new life. “Many times we think too much and the boys assimilate it and accept it in a way that we do not think. Knowing it, I know that Thiago is like me and he carries it inside without expressing it, but it is not anything serious either“, he pointed.

“It shows that he is happy, content and prepared. They will adapt as they adapt to everything. It will be a good experience for him. It will help you to grow on a personal level, to continue training and surely all five of us will be spectacular. And I am delighted to be in this club, “he completed.


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