Liondy Ozoria says he “dropped a saint” with Elizabeth Silverio and the Kogland Center

Behind the reportage published by Nuria Piera and the scandal that questions the veracity of the titles of elizabeth silveriothe CEO and director of the Kogland Center for Neurocognitive and Psychopedagogical Therapies, the comedian liondy ozoria he wrote about his situation with the center, where he had his youngest son.

“I felt very bad seeing how ‘I dropped a saint’ in whom I trusted…”, expressed the animator through an open thread on his Twitter account.

He also assured that he is a father concerned about his four children. However, the smallest one requires a special care and after looking for different centers he found Kogland and “saw the glory when he arrived…”.

Liondy let it be known that your child made progress in the place and that they received “the best treatment of Elizabeth”, however, there were certain “deficiencies” that forced his family to move to another center.

He also tweeted that at the time made a thank you post and promotion to the center, due to the confidence he had in him.

One does not go around finding out titlesone sees a whole structure with employees, materials, everything… and does not think that it is fraud, something that will change from now on”, he indicated.

Closure of the Kogland Center

The Ministry of Public Health closed the center through the areas of Authorization and Accreditation and the Legal Department of Public Health, after the investigation carried out by Nuria Piera, in her program “N Investigación Periodística”.

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