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Links for everyone or schedule direct: Latest news from Instagram

Instagram, being one of the rivals of the big applications such as TikTok or Twitter, it has always been in continuous movement and, always determined to launch new updates and tools, such as including collaborations or announcements, etc. The latest news has been to allow all users to include links in stories, schedule direct, even receive money in exchange for these.

It was in June of this year when Instagram replaced the swipe up By links, however, this tool was only available for verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers. Today Any user can enjoy this new update, regardless of the number of followers and whether or not they have a verified account.

How to incorporate a link in an Instagram story?

Entering a link in an Instagram story is as simple as putting an emoji. You just have to follow a series of steps: take a photo, then select the sticker symbol located at the top right of the screen. And finally, you will see that several options appear such as putting a gif, putting music, location, or the time, among them, you will find the link function. Once you have clicked on that option, you will only have to insert website url that you want to share with your followers … and voila.

“We made this decision based on the feedback we heard from the community about the impact it would have on creators and companies of all sizes…”, he claimed the company it’s a statement.

More news on Instagram: schedule direct

The platform has decided to include other functions such as, for example, schedule the direct ones. Before, the user could only do a live at any time he wanted, but there was a small problem, and that is, the user could not notify his followers that on that day at that time he was going to do the live. However, that is over, with the new update, the user will be able to put a reminder and, in this way, notify all his followers.

How to program a live show?

To schedule a live show, you will have to follow a few simple steps. Once you are inside the platform, you have to click at the bottom of the screen, where it says “direct”. When you are inside, you will see that several options will appear on the left. You will have to hit the calendar symbol, and there insert the day and time that you will perform the live. Once programmed, will appear in the user’s feed, where all the followers will be able to see it.

In addition, users who perform direct will be able to receive money from their followers. While the user is doing it, another person can buy a kind of sticker. These will appear in the direct next to the people who make their contribution, so that the person knows who has offered them that reward. This tool will be available from next month in the United States, and they do not rule out the idea of ​​including it in other countries, such as Spain, Brazil, France, etc.

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