LinkedIn launches ‘Products’ guide focusing on highlighting and increasing the popularity of items

The LinkedIn application is beginning to have a series of modifications focused on making the use of content within the social network even greater. Microsoft recently announced the arrival of the “Products” tab, which focuses on promoting various items.

This implementation is intended to make the popularity of some product launches even better for the entrepreneur, since there are some exclusive options in this area with the focus on creating a community engaged with a certain brand.

In this area, it will be possible to promote new products, as well as new companies, which will be able to have an environment focused on making customers share opinions about purchases in these companies in such a way that others are influenced to buy or not buy something from the brand.

According to LinkedIn, it will be possible to highlight and present products and testimonials about them, where the generation of leads, videos, images, descriptions and calls to action focused on direct conversion into sales.

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