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Lim causes more problems for Valencia

Lim causes more problems for Valencia

Valencia Club de Fútbol is immersed in a stage of momentous movements and decisions in the transfer market. The current situation of the team was exposed by Miguel Ángel Corona during Pepelu’s presentation, where the renewal of Rubén Baraja, the signing of Cenk and the incorporation of Pepelu himself were highlighted. However, beyond these movements, the club is waiting for the exit operation to be able to carry out other contracts.

As the newspaper points out ACE, the main obstacle in the transfers has been imposed by Peter Lim, owner of the club, who has rejected different proposals presented to date. Among them are the offers for Yunus Musah and Diakhaby, as well as the transfer with financial compensation of Jesús Vázquez. This stoppage has generated some uncertainty in the team, since the corresponding approvals from the property are needed to advance in the market movements.

Layhoon Chan, president of Valencia, has returned to the city after several weeks in Singapore. Her presence in the club’s day-to-day life is expected to expedite moves that require property approval. One of the key aspects is departures with a transfer involved, for which work is being done on the possibility of terminating contracts without penalty, thus freeing up part of the cost of the squad.

Lim, a headache for squad planning

Peter Lim has shown his refusal to accept the proposals received so far. Both Milan and Besiktas have submitted offers for Yunus Musah and Diakhaby respectively, which the owner considers insufficient. In the case of Jesús Vázquez, Lim does not accept his transfer either. These decisions are conditioning the club’s planning, since after the signings of Cenk and Pepelu, the room for maneuver to reinforce the squad is minimal and these departures were counted on to expedite new hires.

Valencia does not close the door on the transfers of Yunus and Diakhaby, but Lim hopes that the proposals will improve in economic terms. This stance blocks the rest of the team’s planning, including the possible departure of Marcos André, whose offer from Alavés is considered insufficient to cover the player’s repayment.

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