Ligia Bonetti highlights strength and challenges of the industry

Disruption, speed in decision making and the integration of advanced technologies are key factors to mark the next steps in the industrywhich, to ensure success, also needs the ability to adapt, international expansion and greater competitiveness.

The approach was shared by the businesswoman Ligia Bonetti, Executive President of the SID Groupin the context of a magisterial conference directed by the Committee of Students of Industrial Engineering and Systems (CEIIS), of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), in its twenty-eighth seminar “Insight: a look at the Dominican industry. ”

Bonetti stated that the Dominican industry has built a legacy and that for decades has been an important engine of growthcompetitiveness, development and progress, representing approximately 32% of the gross domestic product (GDP), but it must give the next to reaffirm its development.

He argued that the industrial sector has shown extraordinary resilience, something that was demonstrated during the pandemic process, because under a panorama full of difficulties, wavering and a complex international scenarionever stopped and contributed to the economic recovery of the country.

“In a world in constant evolution, companies must be prepared to adapt to the changes in the market and in society in general”, affirmed the business leader, pointing out that the new challenges of the industry demand flexibility to adjust to new trends.

From his point of view, it is key that in the new times lIndustries are willing to invest in research and development to stay ahead and highlighted the role education and learning play.

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