Due to the presence of the public (full on the cebntrl track in recent days), spectacle (with brilliant results) and authorities (local and community, in addition to the business fabric), The Brussels Open could be classified as a success, but not everything is the final table. Some athletes were concerned about the international expansion of the WPT that “in some way we support the players in the middle of the ranking”, assured Mario del Castillo (number 57) who claims to speak on his behalf “and that of many more colleagues on my profile.”

The Sevillian complained about the conditions in which he played in the previous ones “no transfer (travel from the hotel to the courts), problems with food, club facilities with inadvisable courts (owned by Atletico de Madrid Carrasco), due to the height or some inappropriate partition, and the difficulties go to the bathrooms, which the players had to share with the public”, and that put in danger to comply with the regulation of the three minutes to go to the toilet.

Surprise for the complaint. “It was the first time that it was played in Brussels, and it would be a shame if the image that remains is the criticism of some player,” says WPT spokesman Enrique Marqués.

Marqués explains that “the organizer is a Belgian promoter, to whom the WPT puts conditions. It is true that there was a problem with the meals, one day, but those who were left without eating were paid in restaurants”. And he also admits that some cars were missing from the agreed number “but these things happen when you start with a new promoter.”

The players have the prevention that situations like this can be repeated in this year’s international expansion “and that we keep the players, with more spending and the same income, ”repeats Del Castillo.

For Marqués, the next tournament in Denmark “It will be a success in every way”, and repeats that playing abroad “is what the players asked for, who have been offered a new agreement, multiplying by three the fixed ones to play and with aid with a travel bag , but what they have not even wanted to talk about”.


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