Lightning strikes woman and dogs, heartbreaking video

California: A woman and her two dogs were struck by lightning in the American city of Pico Riviera, killing all three.

According to the details, a woman who was killed in a lightning strike while walking with her pet dogs in Pico Riviera, California, has been identified. A CCTV footage has also come to light shortly before the incident.

The incident took place on Wednesday, with CCTV footage showing Antonia Mendoza Chavez, 52, walking down the street as usual holding two dogs, Chubby and Luna’s ropes, the last of his sudden death. There were moments in which she was seen alive.

Antonia Mendoza Chavez, 52, and her two dogs were killed in a lightning strike in southern California on Wednesday morning, officials said. Paramedics and police were called to the area around 8:50 a.m. in the area of ​​Rambinak and Mainz Avenue near the San Gabriel River, where Chavez was found dead along with his two dogs.

Gloria Kolochu, Chavez’s landlord, told the media that she and Chavez walk the street every morning. Kolochu also shared footage from a home surveillance camera, which showed Chavez walking with dogs.

After the incident, the administration warned the citizens to try to stay in their homes till the storm passes through the area. The death toll from lightning strikes in California is very low, with only nine deaths in the state since 2006, and this was the first death this year.

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