The trajectory as a player and coach of the late Liliana Sebelén in favor of bowling where she dedicated herself to training children and youth and who later became part of the different national teams, was highlighted during the start of the La Liga de Boliche Superamigos tournament. event that takes place at the Sebelén Bowling Center facilities. The sports event, which reactivates the leagues after 18 months due to the Covid 19 pandemic, is dedicated to Liliana Sebelén who died this year. During the opening ceremony, the immortal of the sport Rolando Sebelén spoke; Joshua Villari, president of the Los Superamigos League and Laura de Mejía, daughter of the deceased bowler. Sebelén, when addressing those present, said that Liliana dedicated herself entirely every Saturday to teaching children to play bowling. “He treated boys and girls like his children, because of the love he devoted to children so that they would learn to bowl with great dedication,” said the veteran player. He indicated that Liliana accumulated merits for this tournament to be dedicated to her. “It is an act of justice,” he said. For his part, Villari highlighted the merits in favor of bowling by Liliana for the children. His daughter Laura de Mejía spoke on behalf of the family, who thanked the organizers for the dedication and also made the honor roll. She was accompanied by her daughters María Laura and Avril María Mejía. Before starting to play, a minute of silence was observed. It will be played every Wednesday starting at nine at night and 18 teams participate, made up of 3 bowls each, where each day they will seek to position themselves in the first places. It will be played in two categories, 18 captains and 36 players.




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