Lifestyle, North Coast Baseball and Fedobe sign agreement

The Lifestyle Hotel Chain, through its president Markus Wischenbart, the North Coast Baseball Company and the Dominican Baseball Federation (Fedobe) signed an agreement on Thursday to rescue young people who play baseball in the Dominican Republic. Dominican.

The North Coast Baseball Company, chaired by Mr. Ernest Frey, is committed to bringing the scouts and top representatives of the majority of Schools, Colleges and Universities in the United States to award full scholarships to baseball players who have talent for the game.

These scholarships include air tickets, stay and tuition.

The FEDOB, represented by its President Juan Núñez and its Vice President José Cano, undertakes to carry out the Showcases with the best players between the ages of 10 and 21.

They will build a Baseball Stadium in Lifestyle Puerto Plata.

The North Coast Baseball company will build a Baseball Stadium next to the Lifestyle hotel to host these Showcases and hold National, International Club, Pre-World and World Tournaments together with FEDOBE.

This baseball stadium will be built on the grounds of the Lifestyle complex in Cofresí, Puerto Plata, and will have all the facilities that a high-level stadium requires.

Commitment of the Caribbean Confederation

For the Caribbean Baseball Confederation (COCABE), the institution was represented by Manuel Frias, Secretary General, representing President George de Lira.

Via Cocabe, they will have access to international events in all categories of said confederation, including seminars and courses that Cocabe programs during the year.

local project

North Coast Baseball has long been carrying out activities such as donations of sporting goods and international exchanges with local baseball groups in Puerto Plata.

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With this, these exchanges and donations will continue to be made each year.

Present at the meetings

Present at the meeting were the owner of Lifestyle, Mr. Markus Wischenbart, Ernest Frey of the North Coast Baseball company, the president of FEDOBE, Mr. Juan Núñez, the vice president, José Cano, Manuel Frías, Secretary of COCABE, and president of the baseball association. from Puerto Plata, Yisstte Minaya National Director of Women’s Baseball, former Major Leaguers Ramón Ramírez and Víctor Marte and the young coach Fili Santiago; all from the Bride of the Atlantic.

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