Lidom: High percentages

It is always prudent to remember that since its birth in 1951, the Dominican league has been dominated by 3 teams: Licey, Águilas and Escogido. The Stars, which also started in 1951, have never been able to get close, neither have the Bulls, born in 1983, nor the Giants, added in 1996.

I specify the statistical fact that Licey and Águilas now share the leadership of crowns or titles won in Lidom, both with 22, the Chosen One has 16, the Bulls and Stars 3, the Giants 1.

Adding Licey and Águilas gives 44 crowns, or 66% of the total, and between Licey-Águilas – Escogido they add 60 crowns, for 89.5%. And if you do it the other way around, that is, add Bulls-Stars and Giants, they will give you 7 titles or 10% of the total.

The imbalance is more than evident, despite the fact that it is touted that the rookie draft, which is now 20 years old, has caused an important balance in the league.

Is it true that balance? I think that many teams have grown in quality and are more competitive, but they only have one basic problem: it is difficult for them to win the final and that is more than evident.

It is possible that this will vary in the next 10 years, because in the last 10 the Bulls have won 2 titles, the Stars and Giants one, and that means 40% (4 out of 10).

And if you want more good data: in the last two championships two have been in the hands of the smallest, Stars in 2019 and Bulls in 2020.

THE NEW: Let’s see some notes from the teams and how their management personnel have changed.

EAGLES: They repeat last year’s winning trio. Quilvio Hernández president, Ángel Ovalles manager and Félix Fermín manager.

SELECTED: Luis Manuel Bonetti is the president now, with José Miguel Bonetti as vice president. Rodney Linares enters as manager and José Gómez remains in management.

STARS: Miguel Feris is the president, Félix Peguero opens as manager and the 2019 champion manager, Fernando Tatis, returns.

GIANTS: Samir Rizek remains in the presidency and manager Luis Urueta and manager Jesús Mejía repeat.

LICEY: It has 3 newcomers, Ricardo Ravelo president, Carlos José Lugo manager and Tony Díaz manager.

BULLS: Luis Rodríguez Amiama, president, Raymond Abreu, manager, and Lino Rivera, manager, are still in command.

With these executive cadres, who are you going to?

OF INTEREST: The world series has news … José Sirí stayed on the Houston roster, as did pitchers Yimi García, Framber Valdez and Cristian Javier … No Dominican entered Atlanta because they removed outfielder Cristian Paché and pitcher Huascar Ynoa. .. How long has it been since a World Series team had no Dominicans? … Yoen Socarrás is the Escogido pitcher for tonight against Licey, in the first game at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium … They moved the time to 8 o’clock of the night and the question comes: why, what happened there? They did it so as not to join with the speech of President Luis Abinader, who has a hot topic at 7 PM (tax reform) … Socarrás is another Cuban super veteran, just two years ago he left Cuba and was pitching in the Mexican league . He is 34 years old and joins other advanced Cubans who are in Lidom, such as Raul Valdes and Yunieski Maya, both with more than 40 years … He will launch against César Valdez, 36, and between the two they add 70 … Santo Domingo, the launch of the first will be for Samuel Pereyra, administrator of the Reserve Bank, the main sponsor of the event. In Santiago it will be done by Maribel Haché, the daughter of the late Kalil Haché, to whom the tournament is dedicated … In San Pedro the honor will go to Crismery Santana, Olympic bronze medalist in Tokyo.

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THE MANAGERS: Only one manager out of the 6 will have a debutant tag at Lidom. It’s Tony Diaz, from Licey, who is a third base coach with the Minnesota Twins. The others are veterans of the league: Félix Fermín de las Águilas, Luis Urueta de los Gigantes, Rodney Linares with Escogido, Fernando Tatis Estrellas and Lino Rivera with Toros.

FROM MLB: The San Diego Padres have interviewed a pool of managerial candidates for next year. They are Luis Rojas, former Mets, Mike Shildt, canceled by San Luis two weeks ago, and now they add Ozzie Guillén, former manager of the White Sox and the Marlins … Guillén, a Venezuelan living in Miami, was a world champion in 2005 beating the Astros, and he led the Marlins for the last time in 2012 … He had a multi-year pact, but they made him come out because of misplaced expressions in support of the Cuban regime. The Cubans in Miami got uncomfortable and made it explode … Wasn’t it like that?



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