Interesting is the approach made by Tabaré Peña, from San Francisco de Macorís, about the need for Lidom to give functions and life to its “disappeared” Ethics and Discipline Commission.

That organism existed in recent times, but it is no longer heard of it … What happened to that? Let’s read what Tabaré says:

“We see that the Lidom presidency has many disciplinary charges that should not be under its responsibility and that should be in charge of another body in accordance with its statutes. It shows that its Ethics and Discipline Commission is not operating as required by its statutes and regulations.

“We understand that an entity of that nature is hindering its mission with the aforementioned lagoon, which is urgent to correct. An Ethics and Discipline Commission in an entity is the guardian and control of all instances, including its board of directors, presidency and behavior in tournaments, in stadiums and off the field of play.

“To this effect, we see that it is shown that in the baseball league its Ethics and Discipline Commission disappeared, which is not positive due to the essential role that it must play in its various tasks. Such a relevant body does not feel that it exists and that it is fulfilling the objectives for which it was created and instituted in Lidom.

“We understand of utmost importance that, if there is a board of directors in the Ethics and Discipline Commission that Lidom is obliged to have in accordance with its statutory norms, it is urgent that its members assume their delicate social role and take the helm in their vital purposes. and objectives ”.

THE SHELTER.-The withdrawal of Miderec and the Government of the Olympic shelter creates a great crisis because it is an economic issue .. The Olympic Committee appointed a commission of federated to speak with Minister Francisco Camacho, but it was born lame because it does not include the president of the COD, Antonio Acosta … This would be the only one with the strength to raise his voice to Camacho, the others do not have that kind of hierarchy … As Santana Martínez would say, “Are you afraid? …

FOLLOW .- Tonight there is a doubleheader in the continuation of the round robin. Only one team is eventually sitting in the final series, the Giants, with their record of 9-4, unless they lose the remaining 5 games.

The final place is between Estrellas, Aguilas and Licey. The greens at 7-6, the other two at 5-8.

Which, between Aguilas and Licey, will win 4 of those 5 games that remain to get into 9 victories? That kind of performance has happened before, and if anyone succeeds it could provoke something like a tie with the Stars for second place.

The greens have won 4 in a row, they have the great advantage that they would reach 9 just by winning 2 games.

A LITTLE MORE: The report says that the Giants have beaten Licey in their 4 games this round robin, and 6 in a row including the last two of the regular series .. And both teams play Thursday and Saturday, which is “bad news” for the blue Of course, the ball is never predictable, and Licey could win those two games. The Tigres face the Aguilas on Friday in Santo Domingo and on Sunday in Santiago, and finish on Monday vs. Las Estrellas … Henry Urrutia continues to be the best hitter in this semifinal, high average of .437., 3 homers, 9 RBIs … Marcell Ozuna does it for .277, José Siri for .314…. Robinson Canó is very timely, hitting .269, but has 11 RBIs, the best of the Stars and leader of this phase … Yamaico Navarro, reinforcement, does well hitting .375, but his teammate in the Bulls, Abraham Almonte , a little weak at .146… Junior Lake maintains his level with a .347 bat and .441 OBP… Licey does not have many good things .. His reinforcement Kyle Martin is 10-1 with 7 strikeouts, and Pete Obrien is 32 -5, average in 156, with 14 strikeouts, that is almost half of his at-bats. René Pinto, reinforcement receiver, is hitting 18-2, a failure… Licey is last of the round robin in batting with .211, in home runs with only 3 in 13 games, and in runs scored with 38..In ERA he has 3.08, second best, so the big mistake is in offense … Zoilo Almonte, of the Aguilas, had a pinch turn on Tuesday and fired a double .. That would take him to the starting lineup this Thursday, when the Eagles visit the Stars .. Victor Robles is 10-1.

IN RETIREMENT: Left-handed pitcher Jon Lester leaves baseball at 38 years of age and after 16 straight seasons. In 2021 he only had 12 appearances with St. Louis and a mark of 4-1 -.- He played for Boston, Cubs, Washington, St. Louis and Oakland .. His overall record was 200 wins, 117 losses and 3.66 ERA, plus 2448 strikeouts .. He never won 20 games, but was 19-5 for the Cubs in 2016… He had 3 world series rings, 2007 and 2013 with Boston and 2016 with Cubs vs. Cleveland. He attended 5 star games, and financially did well as he accumulated salaries of US $ 198 million.



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