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Lidl and Carrefour win new customers, Intermarché in fall

All signals are green for the Carrefour group. According to figures published by Kantar over the P4 period from March 21 to April 17, Alexandre Bompard’s group posted the strongest growth (+0.5 pt). This boosts Carrefour to an overall market share (market share) of 20.1%. A success that it owes in part to its hypermarkets (+0.4 pt) and the gain of new customers. Kantar also details that Carrefour Proximité is participating in this good form with an increase of 0.2 points.

Another group that can rejoice, and has been for several months now: Lidl. The German hard discount leader gained 0.4 pt during this P4 and climbed to 7.6%. Lidl recorded 350,000 additional customers over this period and its “love rating” improved by two points, explains Kantar. One of its competitors, Aldi, is also progressing (+0.2 pt) and welcomes 420,000 additional customers. Thanks to the good performance of Casino and Franprix, the Casino Group in turn rose by 0.1 point (7.1%). As usual, Leclerc is up (+0.2 pt) and consolidates its place in the lead (22%).

Decrease in French spending

On the other hand, it is the grimace soup for the Intermarché group which shows a very significant fall. The Musketeers group was already down slightly last month by 0.1 points. For this P4, Kantar has changed its methodology in order to monitor the consumption of French people. It shows that in one year, the French have reduced their spending (-3.2%) with a substantial reduction in the size of the baskets. Hypermarkets posted the best market share gain (+0.7%) ahead of local channels (+0.3%) while EDMP (Dominant Own-Brand Retailers) remained stable. Supermarkets recorded the strongest decline (-1 pt) and online sales also fell (-0.1 pt).


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