Lidl far ahead and Auchan and Casino still struggling. These are the results of the market share report for period 13, published by Kantar and relayed by the specialized site LSA Conso. This crucial period, which runs from November 29 to December 26, 2021, takes into account purchases made during the holiday season. A month during which Lidl seriously outstripped the competition. The discounter thus gained 0.6 point of market share.

“All the levers are activated for the sign which manages to attract 450,000 additional households while continuing to better retain its customers”, explains Kantar Worldpanel. Lidl is not the only one to record strong performances before Christmas; Aldi saw its market share gain 0.4 points, mainly due to the integration of a large part of the Leader Price store base. The two discounters are ahead of E.Leclerc, the third most dynamic group.

E.Leclerc still leader

The brand gained 0.3 points ahead of Carrefour, which ended the year on a very good note with an increase of 0.2 points and thus confirms the recovery in sales noticed a few months ago. Supermarkets (+0.1 point) and convenience stores (+0.1 point) are pulling the group up. Another brand to progress: System U with +0.2 points during period 13. Finally, the Musketeers (Intermarché) are on the rise again, after a decline of 0.1 point over period 12. Between November and December, the group gained 0.1 point.

On the other hand, the year ended badly for Auchan, which fell by 0.4 point, and Casino with a decline of 0.2 point. A period 13 like the year passed by the two groups. Because the figures published by Kantar also make it possible to draw a balance sheet for 2021: Auchan thus unscrewed by 0.3 point to 9.4% and Casino by 0.6 point to 7.7%.

In contrast, E.Leclerc is the most dynamic brand of 2021 with an increase of 0.5 points to 22.5% of market share. Good year also for Carrefour with 19.7% of market share and a gain of 0.2 points, a score more achieved for a long time, specifies LSA Conso. System U, for its part, gained 0.3 points over one year to 11.4%, as did the Musketeers (16%). Lidl, for its part, gained 0.5 points over one year to 6.8%.


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