The incident took place in the “overcrowded” Al-Mabani detention center in Tripoli (Libya), where some 3,000 migrants are held “in terrible conditions”, the head of the department told AFP. ‘International Organization for Migration in Tripoli.

Six migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were shot dead on Friday (October 8) by Libyan guards at a detention center in Tripoli (Libya), the head of the office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced. in the Libyan capital.

The incident happened in the detention center “overcrowded” Al-Mabani in Tripoli where some 3,000 migrants are detained “in terrible conditions”IOM official Federico Soda told AFP. “Six migrants in total were killed by the guards.”

“We do not know what caused the incident but it is related to the overcrowding of migrants in the center. They live in terrible and tense conditions.”, he developed, adding that “many migrants escaped during the chaos”.

According to Federico Soda, the Al-Mabani detention center has a capacity of 1,000 detainees but more than 3,000 were crowded there. “Their detention is arbitrary. Many of them have their papers in order but are stranded in the country”, he says.

Libya is an important crossing point for tens of thousands of migrants, seeking each year to reach Europe via the Italian coast, some 300 km from the Libyan coast. Several NGOs and UN agencies regularly denounce the deplorable conditions in detention centers in Libya. Smugglers and traffickers have profited over the past ten years from the climate of instability following the 2011 revolt, making the country the hub of human trafficking on the continent.


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