Libertad VCF shows muscle against Peter Lim’s roller

The association that seeks the democratization of the Valencian team continues to work so that the fans raise their voices before the Singaporean magnate

It is not news that peter lim is questioned in front of the Valencia CF. But his power is enormous and he is clinging to the throne with various tricks that allow him to maintain himself relatively calmly. A tranquility that they intend to alter from the platform of VCF Freedom, with several lines of action.

The next December 12th, there is a general meeting of shareholders that is fundamental in the immediate future of the Valencia CF. peter lim knows what can be expected in an event of this magnitude with the enormous social impact of a historic club like the Valencia CF. That is why it limits more and more assistance.

signing Valencia
Peter Lim approves a new Portuguese signing at Valencia CF at zero cost

Peter Lim tightens the measures to attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting

If a year ago peter lim placed the minimum number of shares at 3,000 to be able to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders of Valencia CF, this year it has risen to 5,700. It is evident that the Asian tycoon uses the power that owning the club gives him to protect his interests.

For this, a platform like Libertad VCF fights, which ensures that Valencianism delegates the shares to accumulate the maximum possible and be able to go to the General Shareholders’ Meeting to sing the forty and tighten the screws on Peter Lim. In that sense, the platform is becoming strong.

Manuel Llorente also delegates shares to Libertad VCF

There are many small shareholders who are delegating shares to Libertad VCF. And not only the small ones, since Manuel Llorente, the former president of Valencia and who holds 4,000 shares, has also delegated them to the platform. With very clear premises.

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“Insist a lot on the economic drift of the club and that they are not allowing shareholders to go once a year to ask Meriton for explanations”, commented Manuel Llorente when ceding his shares to Libertad VCF. And it is that no matter how hard Peter Lim tries, the social mass of Valencianism is unstoppable.

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