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Liam Gallagher and John Squire amaze us as a dream duo on their first album together

What you need to know:

Liam Gallagher and John Squire have released their joint album, a true rock gem that we absolutely had to hear today.

John Squire came out of musical retirement once again to meet Liam Gallagher at his shows in Knebworth in 2022 and from there the idea of ​​making a collaborative album, without a band as a pretext or one as secondary support for the band, emerged other.. With a classic composition of songs in the pure British rock style from the beginning of the century and with homages to earlier decades, This unexpected album is a joyful retro surprise.

The incomparable former leader of Oasis and the guitarist of The Stone Roses join forces Give us ten little songs that make the most of their talentsand the legendary Greg Kurstin (The Bird & The Bee, Adele, Foo Fighters, Gorillaz) is also involved in the production, which guarantees that the album sounds luxurious. Pay particular attention to the heartbreaking distortions Squire produces on his guitar.

just another rainbow Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher and John Squire present us with a great joint album/photo: Tom Oxley.

Liam Gallagher gives us great verses that don’t seem too introspective or metaphysicalbut rather focuses on the here and now to motivate us with supportive messages Of course, there are funny parts where he talks about his age, the chance someone missed to have sex with him, or just plain boredom..

“Raise Your Hands” simply focuses on celebrating that we’re alive, and that’s enough. ““One Day At A Time” is about listening to music and thinking that one day everything will be better, with a pretty catchy chorus. Moving away from the anger or resentment of the past, Liam now has a recurring theme of self-love and the fatalism of living regardless of what lies ahead.

John Squire is a guitar virtuoso, and it just seems like he invented so many things Riffs or alone, but we also know that it’s been a while since he’s released anything music-wise. Let’s remember that after the reunion of the Stone Roses, which ended in 2017, John devoted himself entirely to painting (By the way, you can check out her spectacular work here.)

“Love You Forever” is perhaps the cheesiest moment on the album, with a distinctly bluesy base.. Without much introspection the message is very direct and Liam Gallagher simply insists he will love someone until time is up. Here the punchlines after the chorus are a homage to sounds like Led Zeppelin or The Yardbirds.

Modern hymns for lovers of the classic in the hands of two icons

Overall, the album is of a very high standard, but There are some songs that are new anthems for those who love the career of the Manchester heroes. “You’re Not The Only One” is a song that has everything we expect from a rock hit: shrill pianos, a great riff, a title that is repeated like a mantra. Definitely one of Liam and John Squire’s most popular songs.

Opener “Raise Your Hand” is a light rock march with an uplifting chorus that we think will work very well live.and celebrates the simple fact of being alive. From this point on we notice a piano that shines as a complement to Squire’s protagonist guitar.

“I’m a Wheel” is a dense blues whose distortions and slow cadence pay homage to rock’s roots. Especially the influence of the Rolling Stones. Although in general The two musicians are quite balanced on the album, here John Squire shows his virtuosity in the solos and licks of the song.

Liam Galagher and John Squire also have a rocking ballad in “Mother Nature’s Song” or the slightly more intense “Mars to Liverpool”, where the severity is toned down a bit, but which also bring balance to a pretty intense album.

Liam Gallagher and John Squire came together for the love of music

This couple has nothing left to conquer and it shows They made an album out of pure love for music, especially light rock, which is so missing today.. The two veterans deliver an album that isn’t wasted and will have you humming along to the songs and marveling at what Squire does on guitar along with Liam’s honest and direct lyrics.

Liam and John not only raffled off the songs, but also the physical copy of the album. The two-tone copy in particular is a gem that you can find on the official website (here we leave you the link so that you can compile it) and that you definitely cannot miss in your collection if you are fans of these legends of British rock and Manchester.

Both will tour the UK until August, and apart from a show in Brooklyn, nothing else has been announced in America. We can only wait to see if we get to see them in Mexico, which would certainly be a historic presentation.

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