Li Chiang was elected as the new Prime Minister of China

Li Chiang, a close aide of the Chinese president, has been elected as the new prime minister.

According to foreign media reports, 63-year-old Li Qiang won almost all the votes from more than 2,900 delegates in the National People’s Congress (NPC), a day before Xi Jinping was unanimously elected president by parliamentarians. was elected for a third term as

Former Shanghai Party chief Li Qiang was named as the successor to outgoing Premier Li Keqiang at a parliament session. Current Premier Li Keqiang is retiring during the National People’s Congress session that ends on Monday, 2016. Xi Jinping appointed Li Chiang to Jiangsu. The following year, Li was appointed Party Secretary of Shanghai, which is seen as a sign of the President’s confidence in him. As the head, he will be responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the country as well as macroeconomic policy.

A day ago, Xi Jinping was elected as the President of China for the third time

According to media reports, members of parliament cast their votes under a fixed process, while journalists were expelled from the hall. According to the data released on an electronic screen installed in the hall, 2 thousand 936 votes were cast in favor of Li Kang. While only three delegates voted against his appointment and 8 were absent, after the vote, Li Qiang took the oath of office as Chinese Premier and pledged to be loyal to China’s constitution and to build a ‘prosperous, strong, democratic country’. , vowed to ‘work hard to build a civilized, harmonious and great modern socialist country’.

According to Chinese media reports, despite economic activity recovering after the Covid-19 outbreak, Li Chiang, considered business-friendly, is still facing difficult conditions. It has to deal with the market and satisfy customers and investors at home and abroad.

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