LG offers a two-year warranty against burns on its OLED monitors

In recent years, OLED monitors have become increasingly popular among gamers who want high refresh rates and pure blacks without compromising on image quality.

However, as OLED monitors become more widespread, The issue of burns has once again affected many users. Now LG has officially confirmed that it will offer one Two-year warranty against burns on your monitors.

This clarification came after The Verge reviewed LG’s flagship 27-inch OLED gaming monitors and found that the warranty didn’t extend “Burned images due to improper use.”

After a series of questions, Christopher De Maria, head of consumer PR at LG in the US, gave a definitive answer: “LG now offers a two-year burn-in warranty on its OLED gaming monitors.” Additionally, the company stressed that the updated warranty applies to both current owners of the LG 27GR95QE-B monitor and future buyers.

While this new burn-in guarantee provides much-needed reassurance for OLED monitor buyers, coverage is contingent on “normal and proper use” of the monitor, with damage from “abuse (or) misuse” specifically excluded.

It means that The warranty covers burns as long as the user uses the monitor as intended, especially as a personal PC monitor in residential environments, excluding commercial applications such as signage displays in shops. LG does not cover commercial applications due to the prolonged display of static images that can cause burn-in.

“Normal use” means that the product is used as intended. In this case we are talking about games (professional and casual) and desktop computers like Windows.

Although LG’s warranty coverage is conditional, it surpasses that of Acer and Asus, which do not explicitly include burn-in in their formal warranty coverage and treat these cases individually.

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