LG develops a screen capable of solving the main problems of folding smartphones

While LG has moved away from the smartphone market, the company remains strong in other departments. An example of this is its display development department, which has just announced its latest technology.

LG Chem today (7) unveiled its latest display designed with foldable smartphones in mind. It was called the “Royal Folding Window” and it promises to usher in a new era in this market segment.

LG’s new screen is tougher and promises to eliminate wrinkles

The latest announcement from LG Chem reports on the development of a new display coating. This will be used in the segment of folding devices, in order to improve their strength and durability.


By applying a new material to both sides of the material, LG promises a surface that is hard like glass and flexible like plastic. Thus, the South Korean offers more longevity to this type of components and wants to get rid of annoying wrinkles.

As for the longevity of the material, LG promises that it can be bent 200 thousand times without compromising its integrity. With these numbers, the company hopes to allay consumer concerns regarding the longevity of its product.

LG promises screens that fold in and out

In addition to the strength and longevity of this material, LG intends to initiate a new paradigm in this market niche. This is because your new material will be able to bend in and out.

Therefore, companies will be able to use the same material for different approaches to the folding smartphone concept. Something that should reduce material acquisition costs.

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Finally, it should be noted that the initial objective of this new glass is its application in the smartphone segment. In the future, LG also intends to make it available for tablets and laptops.

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