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LG announces a monitor that is taller than it is wide so you can scroll less

This year, notebooks have opted for the 16:10 format to a greater degree than in previous years, and even the 3:2 ratio is an option.

LG changed this format to external PC monitors by today announcing the LG DualUp Monitor (28MQ780), the 27.6 ″ monitor with 16:18 aspect ratio.

DualUp is closer to a square than the more common 16:9 screens. At 4:18 pm, the length and height of the monitor are nearly identical, although the monitor is still taller than it is wide.

if you are tired of scroll through long articles, spreadsheets, lines of code or your social media timeline, is an option to be considered.

Higher than wide screens are incredibly rare on PC monitors. There are many ultra-wide monitors that fill the peripheral vision of gamers and productivity junkies, but it’s nearly impossible to find an upright PC monitor.


In addition to its unique aspect ratio, the monitor is also unusual in size. It measures 27.6 ″ diagonally and, with a Resolution of 2560 × 2880, has a pixel density of 139.6 pixels per inch. The monitor has the same number of pixels (7,372,800) as two 21.5-inch 16:10 QHD monitors (2560 x 1440 resolution), but is much higher.

The DualUp monitor’s other specs are pretty standard, if not a little lower than you might expect. Contrast is typical of a 1000:1 IPS panel and features 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 space.

The refresh rate is also standard, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a GtG response time of 5 ms. LG says DualUp can reach even 300 nits of brightnessand supports HDR.

too offers USB-C connectors, so you can charge other devices with it up to 96W, very close to the maximum 100W. The monitor also includes two HDMI ports in addition to DisplayPort and three USB-A ports. It also has a pair of 7W speakers.

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